Kidz Field is the space dedicated to kidz at Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury Festival was founded on, and is committed to, progressive attitudes and inspiring new generations. Children have always been given free admission to Glastonbury and we are the guardians of their domain and facilitators of the largest & finest free festival for kidz in Europe.
Hundreds of people work together each year to create the magical world of the Kidz Field. Tony and the Eventuality Crew work tirelessly to construct the the fabric of the field, fill it full of dreams, wishes and technicolour wonders and bring it gently to life.

The Kidz Field is full of face painters, clowns, magicians, storytellers, acrobats, play rangers and imagineers, all working together to make a happy now and a better future.
Tiny tots will feel at home in the Little Kidz Area, a safe, fenced-in area at the top of the field with it’s own mini playground and helpers, including shaded sand pit, swing boats, chairoplanes, and a book and toy library. The National Childbirth Trust provide baby changing, bathing and feeding facilities, as well as provisions and facilities to help those with very young children and babies. They have nappies, wellies and wipes, (Bio-Degradable of course), in their sanctuary and are on hand to give advice, support and a friendly face. Drop in for a cup of tea and find a moment of calm understanding for you and your youngest.
Glastonbury is a fantastic, magical, memorable experience. 40 years after we began we’re still sending out Peace & Love and living with the values of openness and acceptance, willingness to experience things and share our lives with the myriad people of the World. We aim to create an organic wonderland in the Kidz Field, there are hundreds of things to do but children must be accompanied at all times, so the parents get to share the experience. That’s really rewarding and adds to the good vibes in our area. Kids come to us and go from the Big Top to the Make and Do, climb on the castle, learn a Circus skill, listen to a story, bang on a drum, climb the rock wall, watch a puppet show and ride on a fairground ride. Then they leave with a painted face, holding something they’ve created with a broad smile and memories to last a lifetime.
If you are attending Glastonbury Festival with kidz then please visit us and enjoy your stay.

The Kidz Field is open from 12pm – 7pm Thursday and 9am til 7pm each day after.

The Kidz Field has a Lost Children’s and a First-Aid post manned by a large group of highly trained professionals. It is 23 years since the last child was born in the Kidz Field (now a crew member) but we do have a qualified Midwife onsite .
We have a CCTV system to ensure safety and Strawberry Fair stewards are always on hand to keep you safe and ensure that you and yours have a happy childhood at Glastonbury.