The Kidzfield Media Team Guide 2022

This guide will assist you in gathering and delivering content for It provides guidance for the Kidzfield media team to enable clear understanding, communication and delivery while we work together at the festival.

Team Members

Colin                Team & Media Co-Ordinator 07866493457

Kim                  Social Media Co-ordinator

Dan                  Principal Photographer

David               Media Archivist

Finn                 Photography & Video

Lucy                 Video

Ryan                Video

Preeya             Kidz Correspondent

Andy                Team support

Rowena           Admin support

Media Crew Guidance

On Wednesday afternoon, we’ll have a team meet and greet and catch up. From then, find time to chat to each other, talk about what you’re doing and get suggestions and support from the team.

Pace yourself. It’s easy to be keen when we first start and to snap away, collecting huge numbers of images before the field has even opened. For example, we have many images of the castle and its decorations, so be select, if you see a new painting going on to the castle, take a few pics, then please return to the painting once it’s complete and get a clear image of it.

The four days are a marathon, and it’s easy to run out of steam by Sunday. Let’s help each other as the event progresses and keep focus throughout.

Please give good notice of times when you wish to be away from the field. We’re happy to organise things around people’s wishes, as long as we remember that our reason for being at this wonderful festival is to capture the magic of Kidzfield. We’ll keep people informed of who wants to be away and those times, and when we know that media crew are away for a bit let’s pull together and fill in any gaps.

Daily Agenda

08:30               Assemble at the truck for a morning meeting

09:00               Field opens

13:00               Lunchtime catch-up

19:00               End of day reflections, feedback and feed forward

What We Capture

Please ensure that all your devices are appropriately charged for the tasks of the day.

There will be a set of known tasks for each day, we can divide those up at the morning meeting.

A list of all the major areas of the field and every performer or crew of makers, walkabouts etc, will be up in the truck. Over the course of the four days, we want to capture images and video of each of these. When you have completed one of these tasks, please tick the box on the list.

There will always be spontaneous moments and we need to be able to catch those. Michael Eavis visits, once or twice, and various people pass through the field, when the call goes out let’s enjoy the chase.

We already have an abundance of crew setting-up pics and more than enough photos of paint tins, flagpoles and people working on the Castle so please be very select in 2022.

Be as unobtrusive as possible when filming activities and events. Use good judgement if you feel you need to get closer. Be aware of what is adjacent to, or behind what you are shooting, Dads with ‘tinnies’, anyone smoking, accidental inappropriate shots around rides etc, should be avoided.

Ensure that the video and sound recorders are effective when you record interviews etc.

Listen out for what is going on around you when recording interviews, the field and festival are loud, we want to be able to hear what we’re seeing. Beware the man with the megaphone, he has marred more recordings than we can count.

How We Capture


jpg 300dpi

RAW files

Image Dimension 2000 on the top side, whether Portrait or Landscape


4k Video at 60fps is preference

1080p at 30fps is lowest

Stereo Sound 16bit 44.1khz

Please do as much on device editing as possible aim to deliver useable material. Strong alternative images are good, any image that is unusable should be deleted before delivery to the media hub.

How We Deliver

Deliver content to David at the Media Hub.

Provide clear information about the content that he is getting. Great shots get lost in a blizzard of unknowable file names, when you know you have something special, let David know so that it can be appropriately named, found and featured. When you deliver, David will take your memory card from you. He will have a supply of memory cards to give you for your next shoot.

Naming convention: DayAreaSubject                        e.g. FridayBigTopBasil

Those who manage their own files before they get to David, please batch rename the files using the convention above, to represent the content. I don’t want to make this onerous or get in the way of shooting, but it really helps when processing the huge amount of content after the festival.

Social Media

This is Kim’s area of expertise. If you feel that you have captured a postable item, let her know and provide her with the media.


This is our main feed for regular posts about what’s going on in the field.

Frequency: 1 x post an hour

Who can post: Tony, Colin, Kim, another would be great??


* Photos from the photographers (please share with Kim on Google drive/whatsapp) + Kim’s phone (5MB max)

* Videos (512MB max)

Posts: Up to 4 pics or 1 gif/video

Scheduling: Put posts in ‘drafts’ for Kim to post at regular intervals so we don’t clog the feed. We may use a tweet scheduler…leave with me…

Minimal hashtags needed – just Kidzfield and Glastonbury in copy.

Big moments to capture:

* Tony’s speech

* Field opening

* Basil first show

* Special guests

* Sunday parade

* Special moments (eg. Sunset over the castle, dodge the dog at the Glasto sign, etc.)

+ general activity from Colin’s master spreadsheet

Tag the acts where possible and tag @glastofestfeed so they retweet.


Main feed: curated photo and video moments & best bits – less is more on Insta! The more we post the less people see.

Frequency: 3 x photo posts a day max, + 1 x Reel a day

Posts can be galleries (up to 10 images)

Photos (30mb max, jpeg or png) – better if these can be our pro shots but also fine if shot with iphone

Reels and Video: vertical phone shot video preferred for Reels (1080px by 1920px)

Stories: where we can post more regular content through the day and tag/link to artists and performers

Be great if someone in the team could be collecting this content as well as me, as it’s the best way to reach 1000s of people! Reels take a bit of editing to make them shine, I’ll do this back at the van.


#glastonburycountdown #glastonbury2022 #glastonburykidzfield #kidzfield #kidzfieldmemories #kidzfieldglasto #glastokids #kidzfieldglastonbury #glastofest #glasto2022

Tags: @glastofest @glastofestfeed

Partners: Support Glasto t&c, west holts and glastoastro in Stories – they’re social media managers do the same for us 🙂 

Tag the artists and performers wherever possible.


No closeup images of kids on social media unless the parents have given us the nod.

This is more important these days – lots of legal stuff on this. Plus we had a parent of an adopted child a couple of years back who was really keen we not post them on social as they are in a kind of witness protection! An extreme example but pays to at least ask the parent if it’s fine to post a pic of their child, all good manners and all that. Dan’s t-shirts will help!

Big group shots etc are fine, where kids are less identifiable.

Remember twitter can be a hellscape. Glasto Twitter is usually lovely but some people are just not nice.

Phone signal in the field is poor once things get going, so we will rely on wifi in the van to post regularly.

Glasto social media team ask us not to post ‘live’, I guess in case something bad happens…

In event of an emergency Glastofest will take over all comms

It does take a bit of time to edit and post content; I’ll be on top of this but it will mean I look like I’m just sat looking at my phone a lot ?

Significant Kidzfield Moments


8pm ish           Tony’s Speech

9pm ish           Crew Shot in front of castle


12:00               Field Opening


09:00               First Seikkou kora session in Big Top



17:00 Blue Peter Competition Winner Parade

19:00 Field closing