Welcome to Kidzfield 2024! 30 Years of Kidzfield

There is no other place on earth like The Kidzfield and we invite everyone of 12 and under to experience the wonder and Magic that lives here! The KidzField and Glastonbury Festival are committed to the UN Charter for Child Rights. We promote honest values and provide a safe place for play and exploration. Creativity, self-expression, curiosity, and magic are encouraged, nourished and celebrated in our field.

Kidzfield 2024

The Kidzfield Sessions 2023

Here’s a playlist of the tracks recorded in the Celtic Blue Rocker this year! Glastonbury stars of the future taking their earliest steps!

This is a 360 image of the Kidzfield. Click and drag to explore

The Big Top

The 2023 Big Top is full of fun and laughter. Correo Hazzard brings a touch of European warmth and clowning magic, Maddie Moate , TV presenter and YouTuber who loves science, wildlife and travel and host of “Maddie’s Do You Know?” has a unique stage show. Dan Rhodes became widely known in 2019 when he was a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent, he has millions of followers who hang on his every trick.

Our resident superstar, Basil Brush returns, due to popular demand and he’ll be keen to see Noel Fitzpatrick “The Supervet” who is a joy for animal lovers everywhere. It’s our delight to present Bodger’s Badger, the legendary Badger with a new best friend, Music Mike with his singalong show and Alex, Evie & Dodge bring sunshine fun and frolics,

Renowned poet Roger McGough presents “Money-Go-Round” is a witty and mischievous musical tale inspired by “The Wind in the Willows” written by Roger McGough.

Starkidz – Princesses vs Superheroes, The Flying Seagull Project’s dynamic stage show and DNA Puppet Theatre with their show ’Clay Time’, round things out, and, as always, there will be special guests!?!

Professor Panic’s Circus

has some amazing treats including Professor Eek, Professor Patel’s Elephants On Parade, 5 Children & It, An Indian Adventure, The Grumblecat, 13 Months Theatre, Krazy Koala and Traditional Punch & Judy– that’s the way to do it!

The Famous Make and Do tent

One of the most popular places in The Kidzfield. Everyday from 9:00 am kidz crowd in to create and participate. We couldn’t give you a complete list of what you can do here, because our incredible team is constantly inventing new things to make and do.

The Kidz Field Face Artists

The Kidzfield has a tradition of bringing the best Face Artist, this year we’ve really expanded into every kind of Make-Up and styling.

The Kidzfield Muzikademy

In The Kidzfield Muzikademy we’ve got instrument lessons, group sessions, giveaways and our own Recording Studio – Corryn Ddu – The Celtic Blue Rocker, Musica and Re-play Music. Over the years, we have set thousands of young people on the road to music-making. Watch for the raffle to win 3 Roland drum kits.

The Storytellers Lounge

John Row, the storytelling Wizard, hosts The Storyteller Lounge, with stories from around the World.

Out & About

If you like things to bounce on, jump off, climb up and spin around like a crazy thing we’ve got Chipperfield’s Helter Skelter , The Wondrous Kidzfield Castle, Gyroscope and Swingboats. Other treats out on the field include; Wads’ Mini Tate, Experimakers,  Meynell’s Ring World, Other World Arts and Parachute Games, The Woodcraft Elders, Circus Fudge, The Aerial Runway  and Odin Events Climbing Wall, Cave and Dino Dig.


The Kidzfield is filled to bursting with bizarre and brilliant types to meet and greet, these are our Walkabouts. At various times you will chance upon the likes of Bee-Ology, Velvet Marbles,  Stilt Affliction, The Alpacas, Bemore Smiley’s People, Pirates, Moth Physical Theatre, Fizzlewits Fairy Finding, The Moaner Lisa, Baby Dinosaurs, The Sisters of Percy, Jamma Da Samba, Das Brass and many, many more.

Little Kidz Area

The well-being of our young people is always a priority for us. Tiny tots will feel at home in the Little Kidz Area, a safe, fenced-in area at the top of the field with it’s own mini playground and helpers, including shaded sand pit. The National Childbirth Trust provides baby changing, bathing, food and feeding facilities, provisions and advice to help those with very young children and babies at the festival.

There’s The Quiet Space Book & Toy Library, The Pirate Ship, Soft Play, Music House For Children, Sing-a-ling, Leaps and Bounds and Tatty Bumpkin.

Our hidden gem is the Kidzfield Rest & Recuperation Tent – located at the bottom of Family Camping, open from Wednesday and is always open when the Kidzfield is closed. They offer a place to warm a bottle, get a nappy change, chill out and care for babies and small children. This is a vital part of the Kidzfield wraparound service, providing support for parents with young children at Glastonbury. If you are attending Glastonbury Festival with children, then please visit us and enjoy your stay.

Kidzfield Magic!
Mr Wolf’s Wonderful Birds, in flight

Kidzfield, it’s what we do